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Jet Plasma

Can treat * Rosacea * Melasma * Stretch marks * Sagging skin * Acne scars AVOID high humidity, do not be in the sauna (at least two weeks) -not to sunbathe, protect the treated area from the sun for at least a month – not to swim in the pool, do not go to the hammam (two weeks) – not to peel the crusts that will occur during the healing process Contraindications 1-It is not applied to those who have a pacemaker. 2-It is not applied to pregnant and lactating women. 3-It is not applied to epilepsy patients. 4-It is not applied to those who receive psychological treatment. 5-Anesthesia cream is not applied to those who are allergic to such creams and ingredients. 6-It is not applied to sun-tanned skin. 7- If there is a serious implant in the area to be treated, it cannot be applied.(dental implants do not interfere with processing) 8- Those with active sexually transmitted diseases (HIV+hepatitis)