5 Tips for Making a Small Patio Feel Cozy

The cooler season is here and we know how we used to abandon our backyard during this time of the year. But you don`t have to! With these ideas you can create a warm and welcoming outdoor living space whatever time of year.

Using some gorgeous accessories and furniture, your patio ideas can take on a whole new look what will entice everyone to use the space.

1 – light up the patio

String lights are easily found now and they add such an ambience at night when the sun goes down. It’s amazing how they add an instant resort atmosphere to your backyard.

2 – Heaters

There are plenty of chic patio heater ideas available on the market – from electric to gas designs. The great thing about them is how low-maintenance they are: there’s none of the smoke and ash that comes with wood-fired styles.

Hanging pendant heaters are useful for covered patios, while there are many stylish freestanding products too.

3 –  Stick to cozy colors

A well-chosen color scheme can transform a backyard and give it a sense of harmony.

For the cooler season, consider opting for scatter cushions and accessories in warm, autumnal tones like ochre, terracotta, and peach. Paired against a backdrop of charcoal grays and soft creams, the result will feel contemporary and welcoming. And don’t forget to add plenty of gently glowing lanterns too, so you can admire the scene after dark.

4  – Add cozy cushions, throw pillows, throws, as well as an outdoor rug

It does take a bit of work to keep an open outdoor area clean all the time, but so worth it for outdoor relaxing and seating for a group. Cushions and pillows add that soft goods factor that you definitely want when you’re outdoors relaxing. A soft rug underfoot really makes an outdoor space cozy. Yes they get wet but an outdoor rug will dry out pretty fast and it just feels so good to walk on. Anchor your furniture with an outdoor rug for a real room feel.

5 – Make sure you have enough seating for everyone. Benches are useful as everyone can budge up to fit more guests in, while round dining tables offer space for more chairs.

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